Book Unhaul

Book Unhaul

It’s time for my annual unhaul. At least once a year I try to go trough my books and see which of them don’t interest me any more and which books I just didn’t enjoy enough.

The Winner’s Curse Trilogy was sadly not for me. I read the first book but decided that I would not continue reading. The writing style was fine but I could not get invested in the story or the characters. Also this book just seems too YA for me.

Mostly I decided to part with some romance novels. I thought the Colleen Hoover books Ugly Love and It Ends With Us were fine and I quite enjoyed reading them. I just kind of lost interest in the stories and don’t see myself ever rereading them. So hopefully someone else will enjoy them!

Tools of Engagement and 99 Percent Mine were just some really disappointing books for me. While I enjoy some of these author’s other works, these just missed the mark for me. I felt like the romances were mediocre and didn’t like either one of the main characters.

The rest of the books were just average and I decided to unhaul them in order to create some space for new books!

G xoxo

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