Mistborn Era One

Mistborn Era One consists of the first three books in the Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson. The first book Mistborn or also known as the Final Empire sets the groundwork for an elaborate and immersive fantasy world all set in Sanderson’s Cosmere. The second and third book are The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages.

The basic premise of the book is that the bad one won. The Lord Ruler has ruled for a thousand years when the escaped prisoner Kelsier decides to recruit a group of skilled allomancers to overthrow the Lord Ruler. Allomancers are people who can digest metals which gives them certain abilities such as influencing feelings, being able to see the next move of your opponent or they can give you more strength, better hearing or eyesight.

While recruiting his group Kelsier gets to know a young street-urchin named Vin, who has survived on the streets by what she believes is pure luck. With Kelsier’s help Vin discovers that she is an Allomancer as well – a very valuable one.

This series overall is just incredibly immersive and has one of the best and elaborate magic systems in fantasy novels. The second book in the series gives of a very different vibe from the first one but at the end of book three all the loose ends and threats weave together. Brandon Sanderson is a real mastermind at leaving small hints and finishing with a deserving and surprising ending. The end of book three The Hero of Ages is one for the ages.

The characters go on such a wonderful personal journey and it is incredible to experience their growth from each book. While the books are more on the longer side, I felt like they were easy to read and once you get into the story you will not want to put them down. Currently, there is a Second Mistborn Era already out, with the fourth one being written right now. Sanderson has planned for four Mistborn Eras in total which all tie into his Cosmere.

I gave each individual book five stars, so I can only give this series as a whole five stars. It was truly one of the best fantasy series I have read and I already want to reread the books to see whether I pick up on all the eastereggs and clues that Brandon Sanderson leaves.

  • Creative magic system
  • Outstanding world-building
  • Character development
  • Incredible ending

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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