The Witcher Reading Order

Since the Witcher came out as a TV-show on Netflix, I feel like a lot of people want to dive into the books as well, in order to get a more in-depth experience of the world – and Geralt. The Witcher Series consists of eight books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The books were originally published inContinue reading “The Witcher Reading Order”

Mistborn Era One

Mistborn Era One consists of the first three books in the Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson. The first book Mistborn or also known as the Final Empire sets the groundwork for an elaborate and immersive fantasy world all set in Sanderson’s Cosmere. The second and third book are The Well of Ascension and The HeroContinue reading “Mistborn Era One”

Mid-Year Book Freakout 2021

Since we’ve reached the halfway point of this year I have decided to summarize my reading experiences by doing the mid-year book freakout 2021. I’m a fan of lot of Booktubers doing this tag. You will find the video of the Co-Creator down below. Question 1: Best book you’ve read so far in 2021. DefinitlyContinue reading “Mid-Year Book Freakout 2021”

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